Thursday, December 9, 2010

Weekly Assignment Roundup

Weekly Assignment 17
Due Date: December 17, 2010

In this era of long-distance exploration, did Europeans have any special advantages over other cultural regions? What explains the different nature of Europe’s interactions with Africa, India, and the Americas?

Weekly Assignment 16
Due Date: December 17, 2010
What social, political, and military developments contributed to the rise of European nations in this period?

Weekly Assignment 14

In what ways did Mesoamerica influence the cultural centers of North America?

Weekly Assignment 8

What were the most important similarities and differences between the Roman Empire and the Chinese Empire, and what do these similarities and differences tell us about the circumstances and the character of each? Your essay should be well in excess of two pages, double-spaced, with conventional one-inch margins and twelve point font

Weekly Assignment 7

How did the Persian Wars and their aftermath affect the politics and culture of Ancient Greece and Iran?

Weekly Assignment 6

How did the civilization of Israel develop, following both cultural patterns typical of other societies and in its own unique way?

Weekly Assignment 4

In the readings and lectures on Mesopotamia and Egypt, religious beliefs played an important role in organizing society. What specifically were the religious beliefs in the two regions—meaning, what were the specific religious practices. What benefit did religion have in each society—and were there any practices that were harmful. How were these practices different from those today—and are there any similarities?

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